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Happy Monday!

I know, I know, it seems like the world’s greatest oxymoron. Who the #!? is happy about Mondays?

TBH I’m not a fan, but as I said before,  I feel sorry for it. Put yourself in its shoes….Wait – does Monday even have shoes? or feet? (Ugh, the ADHD is strong today). How would you feel if you knew that everybody hated you? Is it any wonder that Mondays are so…well, Monday-ey?

I think the problem with Monday is bad PR.

That’s a lie (if you’re new here, I lie – a lot. Well, not a lot…mmmm..or maybe I do)

The main problem with Monday is that we’ve spent 2-3 days playing, and Monday marks a return to the real world – and it’s not even MTV’s Real World. BTW I hate the Real World more than Mondays.* The show, that is, although reality leaves a lot to be desired.  Returning to the real world is stressful. According to this AZCentral article, scientists say the stress of going back to work means our blood pressure is higher on Mondays, which explains why they are the most common day for people to have heart attacks and strokes (side note – the cdc site lists early symptoms of strokes or heart attacks – being aware can save a life).

And Monday can be an asshat – just ask Garfield:

garfield hates mondays
Image courtesy of Jim Davis

But maybe Monday is just taking a preemptive strike? Maybe, just maybe, if we start being being excited for Mondays they won’t be quite as rough? As I was looking for images for today’s post I came across a 2021 post by beautifulmindsinspireothers. Ronda reminds us to be gentle with ourselves because “there are enough people waiting to knock us down or criticize us without us leading the charge.” challenges us to “start your week with a better Monday Mindset and live the week being intentional about of beating yourself up over everything that doesn’t go wonderfully.”

She also shared a great acronym for Monday:

Make today count

be Open to new opportunities

Notice the good in others

Dream out loud

Acknowledge your effort (and remember that)

You make a huge difference

So TGIM everybody! Grab Monday by the balls and make it a great week! (Wait does Monday even have balls? No? No wonder its so mean!)

Sigh. The acronym is nice and all, but I still side with the Boomtown Rats

*Not only did The Real World interrupt my viewing of music videos, it was the very first reality tv show. Yes, you can blame The Real World for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all the Real Housewives shows….

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image courtesy of blossom counseling and wellness, llc

Happy Monday!

You read that right – I said happy Monday. It’s weird, I know – who likes Mondays? Nobody, that’s who. 

Read that again. Nobody likes Mondays (well, maybe someone does, but it’s nobody I know).

I don’t think that Monday is a bad day, she’s just responding to all the hate that comes her way. I mean, really – how would you feel if you knew that everyone hated you? Bitter and bitchy? Pissy? Filled with justifiable anger? No wonder Mondays suck – we should just be grateful that they don’t suck more.

I’m trying to blog on a more consistent basis, but today the words didn’t want to come. How do you find words to write when your brain is

a. emptied by stress

b. full of useless trivia

c. old

d. tired

e. wired on caffeine

f. all of the above

g. none of the above

h. a, b and d through e, but not f&g……

I couldn’t find the words, so I googled “Monday motivation” and came up with 523 million results. One of my favorites came from Certainly Her:

Dear Monday,

Thanks for having the word “mon” in you. That’s French for “mine”, in case you weren’t aware, Monday, but it makes me think of  your more as “my day”, and frankly that sounds like a much more promising start to the week.

If I hate my day, then (as per the transitive law of mathematics) I hate myself, which is why I’m changing my attitude about Mondays. You should too. 

Maybe, just maybe, if we start LIKING Mondays, they won’t suck. 

Fingers crossed.