Tracey Maron-Anthony grew up in Camarillo, California, home to the old and insane. Being neither, she moved to Los Angeles, where she met her knight in shining armor (Literally. Marcus saved her from creepy stalker boy. It was love at first kiss. He’s been rescuing her ever since). Being both, she moved back to Camarillo. She lives there with her two children (the one she married and the one she birthed) and no pets, because she barely has time to take care of herself, much less a four-legged furbaby.

Tracey is a writer/comedian/biller/masseuse/nurse/chauffer/nurse/maid. She is trying to learn that just because she CAN do it all, she doesn’t (necessarily) have to do it all by herself. She is also trying to learn the power of “no.”


7 responses to “About

  1. I love your blog and nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award Enjoy! 🙂

    • Thank you! I love your blog and can’t wait to get home to answer the questions pick my nominees. I can’t wait, but I have to, because my boss is watching ;+)

      • You have a way with words that perfectly describes what women of menopausal age go through. Thanks for shedding it in such a lighthearted, humorous way so we can all cope just a little bit better with all that goes on in our bodies. Men can never appreciate it, for sure, but God bless the ones that choose to stay by our sides through it all!

      • Thank you! It’s definitely not for the weak!

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  3. “NO” is a huge superpower. So is “Grumpy old lady.” Learn to harness the power of the “old fart” side. 🙂

    • LOL. I’m still more of an Oklahoma gal (“I’m just a girl who can’t say n..n…n…”), but I’m trying. As for harnessing the “old fart” side, I’m not quite to the “you kids get off my lawn” phase, but I can see it coming. ;-D

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