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Finally, Friday*

lucille ball
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Looks like we made it!

It’s been Quite A Week (deathaversaries, plumbing issues and anxiety attacks – Oh My!) but it is finally Friday – or is it finally, Friday? Grammar police, this is your chance – my brain has melted and English has fallen out of my head y hablo solomente uno poquito d’espanol (Spanish speakers, feel free to correct me as well). I know enough to ask for “mas cerveza” and inquire “donde esta el cuarto de bano” so I’m ready for my Cabo vacay (I wish).


I am slowly working through all the dias de la semana in an attempt to conquer my writer’s block, but today my writer’s block is punching back. For now I will leave you with a Friday funny.

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Maybe it’s my twisted sense of humor, but that made me LOL. VIMN (Very Important Mom Note) – DON’T DO DRUGS!!)

My second smile came courtesy of those little yellow dudes (no, not mother’s little helpers)

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So tell me – what’s making you smile today?

P.S. For those of you “of a certain age” here’s a flashback for your Friday



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