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Happy Humpday! Congratulations on making it halfway through the workweek – how is YOURS going?

Mine has been a little bumpy thanks to internet connection issues, a monitor that kept shutting down any time the wind blew (even though I don’t work outside) and a list of Things That Didn’t Get Done because I spent the weekend watching the playoff games instead of…well, doing things (OMG did you WATCH those games? The Rams and 49ers are trying to kill me, I swear!).

Ah, the joys of Working From Home.

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I’ve always wanted to work from home. Ok, not ALWAYS – but I’ve been wishing for the opportunity for a while now. Thanks to the pandemic, I got my wish (now I’m wishing for a winning lottery ticket).

I tried it before – my husband thought my being at home meant I could spend the day catching up on the thing being busy parents prevented us from doing….talking, people – geesh y’all got dirty minds! (I love it!).

Our daughter thought my being at home meant I could help her with homework and play Barbies and read books.

My boss thought I should actually be working. My WFH opportunity was cut short by “conflict of interests”.

This time is different.

They say that you should get away from your desk every 30 minutes. No, I don’t know who “they” are, but this article from 2017 tells us that “if you’re sitting all day at work, you should get up every 30 minutes and move to cut your risk of death, a new study is showing.”

Experts will be the death of me. Or at least of my productivity. When I was in the office, I was always getting up – to grab papers from the printer, to drop things in the mail-room, to grab a cup of coffee from the break-room, or to stop by a co-worker’s desk for a quick vent. When I get up from my desk at home, I can’t help but notice that the carpet needs to be vacuumed. A trip to the kitchen to grab coffee reminds me that there are dishes that need doing. My husband and daughter may not be keeping me from being productive, but my house clearly is.

I’m still getting my work done – probably because I’m not getting up to run to the mail-room, the printer, or my co-worker’s desk. The break-room, unfortunately, is closer than ever – and filled with food that’s not good for my waistline. Thanks #Covid15.

So tell me – how is working from home working for you?

home office


Fabulous Female searching for sanity while raising two children (a teenaged female and her father) in the Southern California suburbs.

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