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Weird Wednesday


As I said before, I am tired of newsfeeds and headlines filled with bad, sad, doom and gloom (anyone else missing John Krasinsky’s Some Good News?). In an attempt to bring some light and levity to our lives, I am dedicating Wednesdays to


Is it me, or has this entire week has been weird? (Don’t answer that. I know I’m weird).

It appears that being in lockdown for 300+ days has finally gotten to me, and I have lost my grip on the space-time continuum. True story – I just tried to convince my supervisor that President’s day (February 15th) was LAST week. Now it’s possible that future me came back in time to cover today’s shift because today’s me went into the future to…what? Buy some shoes? Figure out which stock to buy or what sports team to bet on? Bringing back Gray’s Sports Almanac worked out so well for Marty McFly. 


It’s also possible that The Doctor is right. Time is a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey THING.

Which is the longwinded way of saying that my “weird news of the week” is not from this week at all, but, just ICYMI – these stories of zoom meetings gone wrong made me LOL (is LOL still allowed? I know that the laughing/crying emoji has fallen out of favor). I have to admit that being “a woman of a certain age” means that new technology can be challenging – but I have never accidently turned myself into a cat or flipped myself upside down

My last humpday story may not be weird, but try to make the leap with me. NASA has sent yet another rover to Mars. Perseverance should land on the red planet Thursday. Touchdown in the Jezero Crater is scheduled for 12:30 PST. You can watch it here

It’s not exactly weird (ok, the fact that we’ve spent over 12.9 billion dollars on Mars-related projects is weird) but my question may be: 

Do you think they’ll find a new breed of cats?

weird news

So tell me – are Wednesdays weird for you too?


Fabulous Female searching for sanity while raising two children (a teenaged female and her father) in the Southern California suburbs.

3 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday

  1. Weekly World News! That was always the best magazine at the check out counter! And I just loved that poor guy who got stuck in the cat filter. I know it wasn’t the case in that particular video (I know he was a lawyer), but maybe ALL defendants should appear as “cats,” then we could ONLY judge them on their testimony. LOL

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    1. OOOOOOOOHHHHH. I love that idea! I’m going to reach out to my stepbrother the hotshot defense attorney to see if he’ll be willing to try it. And the headlines for Weekly World News always made me laugh, but I wonder – WWN where clickbait got its start?)

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