Write Here, Write Now

th5HHDH7O9When I started blogging, I had aspirations delusions of becoming the next Erma Bombeck. My mom and I loved Erma Bombeck, and her posts frequently caused milk (mine) or pink chablis (mom’s) to snort from our nose(s). I find it highly suspicious that my mother died shortly after her favorite author left us.

I started blogging because, as a reluctant suburban soccer mom, I felt out of place and intimidated by the perfectly quaffed Stepford Wives PTA moms (in their slim skirts, clean blouses and 9″ heels) who chatted effortlessly with each other and the school staff at back to school nights and  “Coffee With the Principal” events.

Wait. That’s not right. I started blogging because, as a former DINK (Dual Income, No Kids), I felt out of place and intimidated by the perfectly quaffed new mothers (in their yoga pants and squeaky clean athletic shoes) at the “baby and me” and “toddler time” classes.

Nope. That’s not it either. I started blogging because, as a “late in life” accidental mother, I felt overwhelmed and out of place among the perfectly quaffed young women (in their designer maternity clothes) at the prenatal classes.

Huh. Evidently I was intimidated by women with perfect hair, flawless makeup and neatly pressed clothes. Who knew? (Who wouldn’t be? Have you SEEN The Stepford Wives?).


Which is the long way of saying that I started blogging because I felt like I didn’t fit in, and I was hoping to connect with others like me – mothers who were more comfortable in jeans and beat up tennis shoes than nylons and 9″ heels. I wanted to let those mothers know that they’re not alone – that I was able to find women with wine in their Starbucks mugs and paint in their hair (or maybe that was just me – I’m not very good at painting).  I wanted to tell them that I’d found the square pegs – and that many of those who looked like round pegs didn’t always fit in either.

My blog has changed since I started. I’d like to think that I’ve changed too. I’m no longer a suburban soccer mom (although, for some weird reason, I’m still a referee – possibly because I can’t say the N-word). My “baby” is in college, and I’m trying to figure out who I’m supposed to be, now that I’m not “just” a mom.*

I’ve been an actress, a masseuse, a lighting designer, a comedian, a re-enactor, a cook/maid/chauffer/nurse/coach/teacher/referee (aka wife and mother). I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I’ve decided that writing will be part of it.

This year I decided to finish my 15-year WIP even if it kills me. I’ve created a list of baby steps to reach my destination, and the first one was to join a writer’s group. I went to my first meeting on Tuesday, and guess what? I didn’t fit in. Writers are weird (not that there’s anything with that).

I didn’t fit in, because I’m not weird, I’m crazy – I hope you are too. #changetheworld


*FYI nobody is “just” anything





2 responses to “Write Here, Write Now

  1. Heya! Erma Bombeck’s passing was one of my saddest days. Do you go to her humor writers conferences in Dayton? They are awesome!

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