My life is Trilling

question-marks-picture[1]Writing is hard, but it could be worse. I could be in charge of The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt.  I don’t envy Krista Stevens, Ben Huberman et al. It can’t be easy to come up with a word of the day (unless, of course, you use the “word of the day” app which is what I would do. Is it cheating if you don’t get caught?).

I have to admit that today’s prompt left me scratching my head. When I first saw today’s word, I misread it as thrill – and I started a post about how much of a thrill my daughter and I get when we scare people at Deadzone805 (complete with a link to Deadzone’s creator Nelson Cooper and his appearance on last season’s FaceOff).


the little scaractor

It wasn’t the first time I’ve misread or misremembered a prompt. I could blame pre-coffee brain or the fact that I cannot see well enough to find my glasses without my glasses, but it’s irrevelant. Evidently I need to double-check triple-check the prompt before I start writing.

I’d like to think that I’m a fairly intelligent person (I’d like to think that – but, now that I’m suffering from Menopausal Brain, I might have to reconsider), but today’s prompt had me at a loss. Trill? Is that even a word?

Thank goodness for Google and the




  1. A fluttering or tremulous sound, as that made by certain birds; a warble.
  2. Music
  3. The rapid alternation of two tones either a whole or a half tone apart.
  4. A vibrato.
  5. Linguistics
  6. A rapid vibration of one speech organ against another, as of the tongue against the alveolar ridge in Spanish rr.
  7. A speech sound pronounced with such a vibration.

On second thought. The dictionary wasn’t much help. Who wants to read a post about songbirds or the fact that my daughter failed Spanish because she can’t trill her Rs?* was far more helpful. I learned that trill can be an adjective used in hip-hop culture to describe someone who is considered to be well respected, coming from a combination of the words “true’ and “real”.

But my inner nerdy sy-fy geek squealed with delight when they reminded me that Trill are also a species of alien from the famous “Star Trek” series of movies and television series. They look rather human with the exception of black spots going down the sides of their body, and along the sides of their head… 

For those of you who aren’t die hard Trekkies:

The Trill are a fictional species of symbiotic life forms, depicted in the Star Trek media franchise. First introduced in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the species became a major part of the spin-off series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which featured a Trill named Dax as one of its main characters.


Trill are depicted as comprising a humanoid host, and a worm-shaped symbiont that is implanted in the host’s abdomen. Their personalities are a combination of the host and symbiont, with the symbiont’s memories providing continuity between hosts. Their home world, also named Trill, is a planet in the Alpha Quadrant, the primary setting of most of the Star Trek series.

You can learn more about Trill here or you can follow me to the dork side and discover your Trill name.

And now you know everything you could possibly know about trill (or at least, everything I know about trill), isn’t that thrilling?

And for those of you who were disappointed to find that this ISN’T a post about songbirds, here you go:

*I lied. My daughter didn’t fail Spanish, but it’s not because she can’t trill her Rs. I mean, she can’t, which is weird to me. It’s not hard, in fact, you can learn to roll them (contrary to popular belief it is not a genetic trait). She took French and ASL instead – because there are so many deaf French people living in California.



4 responses to “My life is Trilling

  1. Even I didn’t know this word existed. But yeah, thanks to Google and the creators of this word.

  2. Yeah, but can she trill in ASL? Now THAT would be impressive 🙂

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