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Happy Hmmpff Day!


voicesHere we are, halfway through the week, and I haven’t posted anything new. I really wanted to blog today, but my asthma flared up, my car broke down, work was crazy, and my daughter needed the computer to work on her speech for the Lion’s Club (yes, I know, the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions – but it’s ok, all my friends are going there)

Instead of writing, I found myself reading other people’s posts and listening to my daughter mutter to herself  – “What does justice mean to me? What does justice mean to me?” (side note to my brother – at least she’s not mumbling “I’ve had my share of beaus….”). In prepping for tomorrow’s piece, I kook a look back at my first post, and thought I’d share it with you (re-blogging is NOT cheating!)

Why do I blog? The voices tell me to!

See you tomorrow






Fabulous Female searching for sanity while raising two children (a teenaged female and her father) in the Southern California suburbs.

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