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Luck and other four letter words

Four_Leaf_Clover_03[1]In my year-end review of my blog, I noticed that I’ve spent a lot of time writing about four lettered words. It’s only fair, seeing that I USE a lot of four letter words. Well, not A LOT, but, well….yeah, a lot. A lot more than my mom ever used, at least. That’s only because she COULDN’T swear (trust me, she tried. It always made us laugh).

I’ve written about Hope, Help, Life and other four letter words, but there’s another word that’s been on my mind lately. It’s a four letter word ending in  uck (no, not that one, even though I used it yesterday when I kicked the couch and almost broke my toe). The word I’m thinking about is Luck.

Even though the past few years have been….eventful, I consider myself very lucky. My BFF said “Yes, you have had a ton of luck – all of it bad.” I had to disagree. If not for angels working overtime and an amazing amount of good luck (and support from friends and family) I would not be here. Well, I’d be here, but, seeing that I have only a slim grasp on my sanity, it would be bad. Fortunately, I live in Camarillo. Unfortunately, the State Hospital is now a university, and they look at you strangely when you show up on campus looking for drugs medication.

ANYWAY. Back to luck. There is good luck, and bad luck, beginners luck and the luck that comes from the rabbit’s foot in your pocket (which wasn’t very lucky for the rabbit, and he had four). We’ve had mixed luck, so I was hoping for ways to get lucky. FYI,  people also look at you strangely when you tell them that you’re looking to get lucky and that you’re willing to pay for it (special thanks to officer Mike, for the ride home).

Lo and behold, this morning as I was listening to Valentine and his crew, they took calls from people who had superstitions traditions to ensure a lucky year.

My BFF tried to break my cycle of misdirected luck by forcing me to eat pickled herring. She made me eat two helpings – one for me and one on my husband’s behalf (the lucky man stepped outside when she opened the jar). My girlfriend assured me that the bigger the piece, the luckier I would get, but it certainly didn’t work when I got home ;-O

The callers had a whole slew of traditions. Colombians believe that running around the block with an empty suitcase will ensure travel.

suitcase (2)

I ruled that out right away. With my bad knee, the only place I’d be going is to the hospital. I ruled out jumping off a chair at midnight (literally “leaping” into the new year) or climbing a ladder after drinking all night. Drinking and running/leaping/climbing seems risky.

Food seemed to be a safer bet. People in the south believe that eating greens and black eyes peas guarantee a good year. Personally, I find black eyed peas only slightly more appetizing than pickled herring. Another choice is to eat a dozen grapes at midnight, (one with each “bong” of the clock) to ensure 12 lucky months. There are several problems with that idea – who has a clock that chimes any more? What if the grapes are too big, or have seeds? Food is risky.

I was able to find a couple of Colombian traditions I’d like to try, but they will have to wait until 12/31/2016 at midnight.

The Brits have a tradition I can try next month. According to the caller a person should say/repeat the word “rabbit” “rabbits” or “white rabbits”, or some combination thereof (including, according to the caller, “rabbit bunny bunny”) out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month.

I’m going to give it a shot, but it might kill my husband. The last time I mentioned rabbits, it died.

images[7]So tell me, what are some of your favorite traditions? What brings you luck?


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6 thoughts on “Luck and other four letter words

  1. We used to bang pots and pans at NYE to bring lucky. Our family also has the tradition of thinking that If coffee spills on you during the day (it HAS to be unintentional) than the rest of the day will be great.

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