Who do I think I am, Anyway?

Good Morning!

I have enrolled in WordPress’ Blogging 101 in the hopes that my mostly melted brain will re-format, if not completely, then at least enough that I can return to writing. I’m not sure who Anyway is, but I’m hoping that she’s someone who can help me.

I love writing. I love reading. I love almost everything about reading and writing and the English language – other than the fact that many of the rules which apply to the English language make little to no since cents sense ;-D

I started writing in an attempt to find fuel for my stand-up routine, and discovered that writing helped to clear my mind. It seemed to act as a de-frag tool, helping to make more room for new thoughts and ideas. Yes, it helped with my stand up, but I found that I enjoyed blogging by and for itself. As a suburban soccer mom (happened despite my best efforts) I have a small circle of friends. I enjoy the sense of community and the fact that I have “met” people from all over the world.

Last year, overwhelemd by stressors and loss,  my internal hard drive crashed and burned, and my creative drive was destroyed. I am recovering, albeit slowly.

I have thought about returning to writing for a while, but FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) has held me hostage, and the EIC (Evil Inner Critic) kept telling me that my earlier writing success was a fluke.

So now I stand on the ledge, ready to jump back in.

Eyes closed, fingers crossed, breath held, afraid that I will crash and burn, but hoping against hope that this time I will fly. Welcome to my world. Welcome to my voices.











3 responses to “Who do I think I am, Anyway?

  1. Ah, ‘False Expectations Appearing Real’ – my Arch Nemesis!
    Glad that you are writing again, I’ve missed your blog!

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