A Rose by any other name

Like Alice’s white rabbit, I am late (but not, thank the gods, pregnant). And so I find myself doing double duty in order to catch up with the other members of Blogging 101.

Today’s assignment? “Edit your title and tagline.”

I have to admit, I like “Twisting Suburbia – Stories from a skewed soccer mom” – but I am open to suggestions.

I love Twisting Suburbia, but I am known in other circles as Twistingmom (twisting more than just the ‘burbs).

or should I change just the tagline?

Twisting Suburbia – Making it up as I go along!

– Stumbling through, one day at a time

– Geting by with a little help from my friends

– Surviving Motherhood with Sanity Mostly Intact

I am open to any and all suggestions.

I am a suburban soccer mom, trying to raise two kids (a fifteen and a fifty year old) without hitting or spitting, biting or fighting. Like most women (of my generation), I am trying to live up to Cosmo’s promise that I can “do it all and be it all”. I’m a writer/comedian/biller/masseuse/chauffer/nurse/laundress/cook/wife and mother.  I have reached the age where I am no longer “and a half” years old, but I’m not dead, and I’m not ready to buy a red hat (yet).


See y’all tomorrow!11460_1167528866116_7109996_n[1]



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