Life and other four letter words

thCAIX8RTOWhen I first started blogging, I had every intention of writing on a regular basis. Of course, we all know where good intentions lead us. I anticipated struggling for stories, but I did not think that my biggest roadblock would be….life.

The past three months have been hard (to be completely honest, the past 3 years haven’t been a lot of fun). In the past few months, I’ve lost several friends to cancer, and I am on the verge of losing another. Last month I almost lost my daughter. I know that loss is part of life – and that they are both four letter words. I also know that if this cycle of loss continues, I may never write again. The loss eats at me, tearing little pieces of my soul away. I’m trying to maintain my sense of humor, but it’s become work (which is yet another four letter word). I have a potty mouth, but life, loss and work are my least favorite four letter words. I’m tired of all three.

My question is – how do you write when just signing on to the computer is a huge effort? How do you write when all you want to do is climb under the covers and watch telenovas (which is weird, since I don’t speak Spanish)? How do you write when you’ve lost your funny, and where do you go to find it? imagesCALL7SS5


17 responses to “Life and other four letter words

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! There is one more four letter word, time. It was the only thing that helped me through the death of my brother and then end of my marriage. It is not fun, and all the other four letter words do make everything a real task (another four letter word). But time will make it possible, not to go away, but possible.

    • Thank you so much. I’m sorry for your losses as well. Thank you for the reminder – my head knows that time will ease the pain – but my heart isn’t listening right now.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about the loss and downtimes you are feeling in your life. Writing is usually a beautiful way to express your thoughts, escape, heal, and distract yourself from the things that are making you feel drained and sad. Maybe you just have to find a different form of writing to get you back into the swing of things.

    Perhaps, you can ease back into it by exploring different ways to express yourself on your blog. Choose a specific day to write a poem and share with others. Start “Flashback Friday” posts where you write about memories or experiences that have made you the happiest. Start taking pictures and writing a paragraph to accompany them.

    Hope things get better for you.

  3. It is very hard when when we lose our funny.. i try and laugh often!

  4. Wow! I’m sorry you’re going through a lot and sorry for your loss.

    I work full time, blog full time, and have two daughters, it’s hard but the income I earn keeps me going since now blogging is my full time business. If you must, give yourself a break and some time to think and you’ll start coming up with ideas.

    • Thank you. I know that I am just one of the many people who are finding 2014 a bit…challenging. Congratulations on successfully juggling motherhood, work and blogging – don’t forget to schedule some “me” time too.

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. It is definitely not fun to say good-bye to people we love. My faith has helped me cope with those experiences because I strive to maintain an eternal perspective. I know that when we are in pain, doing anything takes a greater deal of effort; however, I consider writing as a very healing technique. I would say, skip other activities and write, instead. You can pour your soul out (it’s like going to the gym for me: it’s tough to make the decision to go, but when I’m back, I feel so much better). Plus, you will find people to engage in conversation with, and you control how much you share, open up, or listen to. ❤ My prayers!

  6. When I’m feeling down, I always remember that the only way it can go from then onwards is up. big hugs! 🙂

    • Thanks you – nothing better than a hug. Things are improving – just feels like two steps up and one step back (which is better than one step up and two back….)

  7. Sometimes you have to just take a step back, have a margarita or something, and it will eventually come back. Bloggers and writers have down time all the time. We all need it.

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