Why Twisting Suburbia?

imagesCA009AE7In my BM life (BM=Before Motherhood, not poop, although there were some shitty moments) I worked with a group of friends as a “historical re-enactor” at an annual event featuring hundreds of cast and crew members. Our evenings (and most of our days) were fueled by a fruity adult beverage we dubbed “Twisted Babe”. It started as a mix of Tropicana Twister, Vodka and Southern Comfort, but quickly became any kind of fruit blend and whatever alcohol was close at hand (sometimes alcohol on top of acohol, but that’s a story for another day).

The beverage was as twisted as our sense of humor. I may have left my BM life behind me, and Tropicana Twister is no longer sold in the stores, but I am just as twisted as I was back then. It doesn’t seem to have damaged my daughter too badly, but I have a few more years of motherhood ahead of me.


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